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    Web Design, Branding & Development

    Bridge & Tunnel Brewery is a nano brewery with potential to be so much more. It's a family run operation, and is basically run on the pure drive and passion of one man, Rich G. I know Rich personally and I can see how much of himself he pours into his business as well as his beer. He has a day job so the operation of the brewery consumes his weekends, and it's all him: he researches the recipes, he procures the ingredients & he brews the beer. He built a tasting room/brewery from scratch out of a small warehouse in Queens. He makes fantastic beer, but competition in the NYC brew scene is fierce and people had no way of knowing all the things that make HIS beer so unique. I wanted to tap into that so I pitched him on a focused rebrand of his website- one that orbits his unique story and the stories behind his brews. Once I had the branding in place, I wrote some copy in the appropriate voice. It was then a matter of creating a clean UI/UX, with my primary goal being that I wanted to share with people all the personal stories behind Rich's beers.

    Work in Progress
    My Role: Copy, Branding, Design & Development

    I felt like the website needed a 'catch'; something that made it unique and not just another boilerplate brewery site. I continued the Rich-Centric branding and gave each brew its own inventory page with a blurb from Rich describing the backstory behind the brew. I also created custom bottlecap iconography for the unique taste-profiles of each beer.