My Work

My name is Darren Lasso
& I make digital awesomeness (This website, for instance)

I am a Washington DC based Creative Director.

By day I'm Creative Director for an innovative Digital Marketing Agency. I lead a team of multi-discipline go-getters to deadline-be-damned greatness. By night I am a Freelancing All-In-One Kit. I design & code with proficiency, I develop unique advertising concepts & I can illustrate at a high level. When time permits, I sleep.
DC via NYC summer 2014.

That's all well and good.
Lets see the work.

Anyone can go on and on about what they've done, or what they think they can do, but you probably want to see some of my work for yourself. Here you will find a nice mix of projects I've worked on, both on the web & in print.

Work & Experience

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Creative Director
Over a decade working in a Creative Agency environment. Over 3 years experience as a Creative Director for 2 marketing companies. Manager of teams of up to 7 people of various disciplines including print & web design, web development, photography, photo retouching & copywriting among others. Currently overseeing both the Creative and Production departments for the country’s largest e-mail marketing company serving the restaurant industry. Lead project manager for new email innovations focusing on responsive design. Work closely with Client Specialists to showcase & pitch work and code directly to clients. Work like a maniac.

The one downside of perpetual employment has been that I haven't had much time to put into freelance side projects. When I do have the time I like to work on everything from banner ads for celebrity personal trainers to websites for architecture LLC's to illustrating mascots for internet start-ups. If there's anywhere I think I can contribute on a project, I dive in with all my energy.